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Almost every Android Phone has Malware installed.

Happy with your Droid???

A security expert from the British carrier expects to test apps on other operating systems similar results will be found, writes Eeetimes.

“We have more than 1000 Android apps analyzed and a third was compromised with a form of active or dormant malware,” said Jill Knesek head of security. “Nearly every smartphone or tablet with Android is infected with some form of malware, though not clear to what extent active.”

Knesek NetEvents warned during the Americas conference that malware is not the only problem. GPS devices are in accordance with its easy to hack. “Only when a young woman being chased, raped and murdered people will realize they need GPS security,” said Knesek.

It is not the first time that Google’s OS apps can be found that contain malware. Security companies are often reported from infected apps and Google removes the application.

source:  http://www.nu.nl/gadgets/2869739/bijna-alle-android-toestellen-besmet-met-vorm-van-malware.html


Google Chrome hacked in 5 Minutes using 2 Bugs.. Read More!

Google Chrome is via 2 bugs completely cracked, within 5 minutes. And then again cracked by another. Both hackers knew from the sandbox to escape and run code to execute.

The hack has happened in the Pwn2Own cracking contest at CanSecWest security meeting. The first cracking is done by the French security company VUPEN. In addition, Chrome also caught by another cracker, which thus assured of $ 60,000 prize money from Google. The Chrome-maker awards a total of $ 1 million for detected and reported vulnerabilities in its web browser.

The Internet giant will reward security researchers who exploits, complete with bugs used for this purpose, disclose to software makers. In late February, Google has decided to afford his own premiums, and no longer through Pwn2Own. The reason is that cracking game no longer requires that exploits and bugs will be shared with the creator of the cracked software.

Chrome-cracker when equal VUPEN has already shown no interest in Google’s terms. The French security company sells information about discovered security holes at large corporations and governments. And software vendors who have a contract with VUPEN.

Explosive growth in Android Malware. Read More!

Android is increasingly the target of malware designers. Of the 178 mobile viruses, there were 116 last year focused on the most popular mobile operating systems.

The attacks on Android exploded, says anti-virus vendor F-Secure. In 2010 there was hardly find malware for Android. Time being, IOS, the operating system from Apple for the iPhone and iPad outside shot. Both in 2010 and 2011 there were no viruses for iOS in the wild.
Especially Trojans

In the Mobile Threat Report for 2011 F-Secure is also a whole lists of detected malware per platform. Most malware are Trojans, mainly aimed at soliciting information for financial transactions. Most malware is of Russian origin.

There is also malware that searches for personal information on the phone, malware that the location of the phone and malware that gives the phone does sms’sen to a very expensive number. There is the EuropeSMS malware variants that occurs without the knowledge of the owner of the phone numbers for so-called premium text messages. Incidentally, this was malware even for a short period in the official Android Market.

Source : http://webwereld.nl


Google, we spy because we made it possible!

The Wall Street Journal revealed this week that Google, again, has no decency and knows no boundaries when it comes to selling user information to advertisers. Homemade ads were created with unique code was added to Google to expose. The scandals which Google is interwoven bigger. The question immediately arises as to how safe you feel you have a Google Android phone in your pocket.

Read more: http://edition.cnn.com