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Apple Iphones can steal and upload your Photos. Read More!

Still happy with ur Toys R Us Iphone ..??

Not only the address book on the iPhone is outlawed, including all photographs and videos by faulty apps can be uploaded without permission to unknown servers. Apple was working on a fix.

Again fuss about privacy of the iPhone. Apps that ask for permission geolocation, get automatic access to all photos and videos stored on the device, and can then silently upload.
Photos outlawed

After previously showed that many apps without permission the entire address book of iPhone users upload to their servers. As with the book issue is also not unknown in this case developers. It is unclear whether any abuse actually is made of.

The New York Times had an app build PhotoSpy order to test the issue. The privacy vulnerability works as follows: Photos and videos shot with the iPhone geolocatiedata get along. If an app uses geolocation, first appears a clear neat popup to give consent.

Read more: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com